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Sivash-Heilerde 1kg Sivash-Heilerde in der Dose

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SIVASH-Heilerde-Quelle: Sonnenbad auf der Wasseroberflaeche

The healing power of the salt lake

On this website you will find information about the unique and the EU new healing sea mud SIVASH® and natural pink sea salt as well as medical and personal care products based on these healing marine mud and natural sea salt.

Wohltuende Wirkung der Sivash-Heilerde

SIVASH-sea mud is an effective peloid (marine mud, silt), formed in the highly concentrated, rich in minerals, algae and beta-carotene, pink brine of the salt lake Sivash.

The healing effect of the SIVASH-healing mud was first discovered by sick people, and later proved scientifically. The healing clay is used for the treatment of various diseases. Above all, these are the chronic musculo-skeletal disorders and skin diseases.

Thousands of people have already achieved the relief of their diseases on the natural way, through the application of this marine silt. Particularly well the unique seaweed mud helps with very frequent illnesses such as:

     - Osteoarthritis
     - Arthritis
     - Herniated Disc
     - Gout
     - Muscle tension
     - Psoriasis
     - Atopic dermatitis
     - Acne

In our online shop you can order SIVASH® sea mud as a natural product for home use (similar mud pack or fango). You'll also find the world's new product line for the daily skin care based on the SIVASH® sea mud.



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