Ganglion cyst (bible bump) on the wrist

Natural treatment of ganglion cyst on the wrist with SIVASH-healing sea mud

The Sivash-healing sea mud can also be very helpful and pain-relieving when it comes to ganglion cyst treatment on the wrist.

Heilerde bei Ganglion am Handgelenk

The ganglion cyst or bible bump is a formation of a swelling near a joint capsule or tendon sheath. It does not only look bad, the ganglion sometimes cause severe pain. The exact causes of ganglion cyst formation are unknown.

The fastest way to eliminate a bible bump is a surgical intervention. Unfortunately, it is often the case that after an operation, the ganglion occurs again. Among other things – as long as possible  - it should be omitted from the operation to try other forms of treatment.

The alternative include the peloid therapy with Sivash healing sea mud, which is often very successful, yet still a natural treatment method. Sivash-healing sea mud is a unique sulfide-containing brine sludge with beta-carotene content. The silt comes from the salt lake Siwash in the north of the peninsula of Crimea, which is known for its saline and extremely effective healing silts.

The treatment of the bible bumb or ganglion cyst with healing sea mud is very simple and proceeds as follows:

The healing sea mud comes ready-made from the nature in the form of a paste and does not have to be mixed withe water. The healing paste is applied to the ganglion as well as the area around the bible bump about 2 mm thick. The treated area shall be wrapped with a film and then covered with a blanket or a scarf. You can also put on a sock over the foil. After an exposure time of 40 minutes or longer, wash the healing mud with warm water off. It can also be removed with a spatula and the remnants by using a damp cloth. The treatment should be carried out every day or every second day.  The duration of treatment should at least be 15 applications.


Procedure for ganglion cyst treatment


What exactly is a bible bump?

Was ist Überbein (Ganglion) am Handgelenk

The physicians call the bible bump ganglion cyst, meaning a benign, bubble-like bulge in the region of an articular capsule or superficial on a tendon sheath. Picture © Henrie -

Where does the ganglion cyst come from?

The exact causes of ganglion cyst formation are unknown.